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The Shaders Unit includes 13 filters and transitions that take advantage of Apple's real-time FxPlug architecture.

Real-time FxPlug Filters for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Motion

The Boris Continuum Shaders Unit includes 13 Boris Continuum Complete filters and transitions that take advantage of Apple’s real-time FxPlug architecture. Among the included filters are a full suite of keying and compositing tools, film effects, glow effects, 3D perspective filters and transitions, and an all-new Flicker and Shake filter. Editors can view animated previews of presets and saved effects in a unique, easy-to-use effects browser window. This innovative, try-before-you-apply approach saves endless trips to a pop-up menu or file dialog when searching for just the right look. Presets can be viewed in real-time using clips from the timeline.

Boris TV Episode 19: Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug's Shaders

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BCC Filters in this Unit
  • 3D Perspective
  • 3D Pull Swap
  • 3D Spin Flip
  • Chroma Key Studio
  • Dissolve
  • Dissolve Glow
  • Dissolve Rays
  • Film Effect
  • Flicker and Shake
  • Glow Edge
  • Luma Mask
  • Luma Rays
  • MultiTone
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