Create Animated Video Backgrounds with BCC 5 AE and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Save money on pre-made video backgrounds! Quickly design and animate your own unique video backgrounds by combining Continuum Complete 5 AE's new Prism filter with your favorite Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Generator.

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About the BCC Prism Filter

BCC Prism is typically used to simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration in which a bad lens can generate prismatic color fringing along edges of high contrast within the image. This filter is also part of the new OGL category of filters in BCC which benefit from hardware acceleration to reduce render time.

This special filter can also be applied to popular generators (e.g. Clouds, Texture, Grid, Gradient, Membrane, Particles, etc.) to give them a completely new look. BCC Prism can be used with generators from any BCC 5 supported host or even Boris' own generators. In this tutorial, we will use BCC Prism inside Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

Download 20 free Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 projects. Each project creates an animated background that combines BCC Prism with varying Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Generators.

Atmospheric Waves aurora borealis Cell Pattern Checkers Colorful Circle
Colorful Corridor Elegant Stripes Fractal Clouds Glowing Tunnel Light Rays
Lime Lights Rainbow Stripes Rainbow Text Rays in Water Red Swirls
Shimmering Rainbow Sleek Lines Star Wavy Grid Wavy Stripes

Add an Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Grid Generator

1. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro with BCC 5 AE installed. Create a new project which can be of any size. Under the File Menu select New > Black Video. Drag your Black Video clip from the Project window into a video track.

2. Drag "Grid" from the Generate folder in Premiere Pro's Video Effects tab and drop it onto your clip in the timeline.

premiere pro effect

3. Click on the Effect Controls tab to reveal the Grid parameters. The default setting is for a white grid on a black background, which is perfect for our tutorial. Adjust the following parameters by entering these values (or you can use your own):

Choose Width and Height Slider from the Size From dropdown menu.

  • Width = 10
  • Height = 50
  • Feather (Height and Width) = .3
  • Border = 8

prism effect

Now that there is a source image to work with, we can have fun and dress it up with BCC Prism.

4. Open up the BCC5 OpenGL category in the Effects tab and drag BCC Prism onto your generated clip in the timeline.

premiere pro plugin

5. Twirl down the BCC Prism effect parameters in the Effect Controls tab.

Hot Tip: For this tutorial, we will manually create and animate from scratch, creating an effect using the filter's parameters. To save time, try out our fourteen presets that are included with your BCC 5 purchase. To access these presets, click on the L (Load) button at the top of the Prism controls and choose them from the pop-up menu.

premiere pro plugin

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