Create Network-style Broadcast Graphics With Graffiti

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How do they make these network news lower thirds look so good? With the help of a premium broadcast graphics package such as Boris Graffiti it is actually very easy. And in this tutorial we will show you how it's done.

We have seven main elements in this graphics overlay. They include multiple lower third backdrops, the text headline, the network bug and the channel locator in the top left corner. All elements can be made with one single feature of Graffiti called Spline Primitive. It allows you to quickly draw, size and position simple geometric shapes complete with stroke, fill, drop-shadow and opacity.

When you launch Graffiti from your editor it comes up with the Text Window in front to let you type in the title in your choice of font and style.

video titling

Close the Text window and the text appears in the Preview window.

Tip: don't forget to turn off Caps Lock key if you used it while typing this text.

In the Timeline window turn off the text track with the eyeball icon to get it out of the way for now and select the Background Track.

boris graffiti

Now press the Spline Primitive shortcut button at the top-left of the Timeline Window. The first spline primitive is now added to the timeline right above the Background track - a shot of the White House in this case.

graffiti plugin

By default the primitive shape is a rounded rectangle but we will change it to circle in the Control window using the set of vertical tab buttons.

titling plugin

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