Make it Snow with Continuum Complete in Adobe Premiere Pro

premiere pro tutorial

What good is a snow effect if snow does not stick to horizontal surfaces in the shot? The Boris Continuum Complete Snow filter can make snow do just that, creating a realistic look for your wintry scenes. The BCC Snow generator is featured in just about every Boris product, including Continuum Complete, Graffiti, RED, and FX. It works especially well with text captions, creating snow that accumulates on top of the letters for a natural look. Best of all, BCC allows you to create this effect right in your NLE!

In this tutorial we will create such an effect directly in the Premiere Pro timeline. The task may sound challenging since Premiere Pro is a video editing application, but BCC filters can turn Premiere Pro into a powerful compositing system.

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1. To start, create a new sequence and import footage in which you'd like to add snow. Then, drag your footage into the 'Video' track of your timeline.

2. Create a new title by selecting File> New> Title. In the Title window type the lower third title of your choice. Since the lower third is going to be covered by snow, not much styling is necessary - perhaps just a subtle drop shadow or an outer stroke. Use the Selection tool to drag the title to the appropriate lower third position directly in the text edit window.

premiere pro tutorial

3. Close the text window and then drag your title from the Project Window into the 'Video 2' track of your timeline.

4. Now we can add the snow! You can find the BCC Snow Generator in the Effects Tab. Open the Video Effects Folder and then the enclosed BCC5 Generators folder. Drag BCC Snow onto your title track.

snow filter

5. With the Title track in your timeline highlighted, click on the Effects Controls tab and twirl open the BCC Snow track. You can now alter the snow's appearance by changing the settings on the various parameters. Some parameters that may be useful to you are:

Snow Amount: changes the amount of snow filling the screen

Snow Angle: changes the angle of the snow as it falls

Snow Speed: changes the rate at which the snow falls

Snow Depth: changes the variation in distance of the snow from the 'camera'

A full description of all the parameters is available by twirling open the BCC Snow text and clicking on 'Help'.

snow plugin

6. Now we can make the snow appear on our new title. Twirl open the Interaction parameter and change the 'Stick to Layer' option to 'video 2' - our title track. Now the snow will appear to collect on the title as it falls.

premiere pro effect

7. Hit 'enter' to render your effect, and enjoy the snow!

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