Using BORIS Tools to Generate a News Show Opener - Part 3

So now that we have in place our wall of blinking lights as the backdrop, we'll add the show opener text. Apple Final Cut Pro includes Boris Calligraphy, an award winning CG vector titling engine based on the Boris Graffiti and RED products. Although the feature set in Boris Calligraphy is not as full featured as the one included in the aforementioned products, we can still use it to generate a nice animated title lower third for the sequence that we are putting together. Here's a shot of the project as we last left it, with the map of the world in an HD sequence to which we have already applied 3 BCC style filters.


Media for this tutorial

led effect

Let's go back to the FCP LED project and start the title creation by clicking on the Generators button located at the bottom of the FCP source monitor and selecting Title 3D.

final cut pro effect

When you select this generator, the next step is to go to the controls tab in the source monitor, where you will see the general Title 3D CG controls.

FCP tutorial

Click on the banner to open up the title generator user interface. This non-destructive user interface makes sure that the text which you have created remains live and editable, even after the project has been rendered and saved to disc. You can go back and re-edit any title at any time with no loss in quality.

plugin effects

The window that appears after you have clicked the Title 3D banner is where we are going to enter the text that we wish to generate. Let's type in the following phrase: "News of the World".

led video

If this is the first time that you have used the Title 3D CG then your result will mimic what can be seen here, that is with the title in white with no stylistic elements. If you have already used Title 3D, then it will remember the last style that you created and will use this on all new titles until you change it. You can always use the built-in style palette to load or save any custom style setting that you have made or you can use any of the hundreds of factory built styles that are included with the product. The Style Palette is accessed by clicking on the Style Palette button in the Text Generator window.


We're going to change the default white look of this text to something a little more interesting. The clear and easy to use vertical style tabbed interface in the title generation window provides tools to stylize just about every aspect of the text element. The tabs are such that each function has its own workspace. The main tab is used to set the font face, size, static tracking/kerning/leading, justification options, baseline scale and skew. To change a piece of text, we have to first select it in the generator window. We'll set the font size to 36 points, the justification to centered, and leave the remainder of the controls at default.

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