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Boris FX plug-in purchases include one year of free technical support! Simply register your product to qualify. Then, fill out this form to contact our support team.

What Customers are Saying

"James, many kudos to you. You are the best - no kidding! You are highly professional, knowledgeable, and tenacious. You have restored my faith in humanity!"
- Joe Torina

"Thank you! I love your product and I am beyond thrilled that you helped me figure out and fix the problem. I appreciate your help so much."
- Annalee Susie McGowan

"Thank you. One good reason for a purchase is also THIS kind of assistance."
- Giorgio Jerman

"You guys are the best! You saved my behind! I got the 30 second spot out on time."
- Brent Dolan, TKL Maerkting

"Whoever says good customer service is dead hasn't done business with you guys!"
- Max Federman

"I really appreciate your help over the last few months. Activation issues can be a nightmare with some companies, but Boris made it easy. Thank you."
- Kelly Poole, Charter Communications

"Thanks, you saved the edit session!"
- Greg Apisson, Center Stage Productions

"Your advice worked. Thanks not only for that but for the prompt customer service I just do not see anywhere else in the software community. The fact that you take care of us little folks who buy your products just makes me want to buy more."
- Robert Braunstein, Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area

"Thanks again for your patience and efforts. I'm happy."
- David Delouchery, Waxworks Creative

"Thank you for the support on this. Five stars for Customer Service to Boris!"
- Omar Valdemar, Crystal Image Productions

"Excellent support. Thank you so much."
- Mark Ross, The Back Alley Media

"Thanks for staying with it and getting me up and running again!"
- Paul Bray

"Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Not all companies would have done that!"
- Trish Cheshire

"Thanks for all the help and great support. I really appreciate it."
- Abid Jan

"Perfect! You guys are awesome!"
- David Baertsch, db Editorial

"Everything works perfectly, and the extra tips were also helpful."
- Paul Crumrine

"You guys are great!"
- Max Stacy, CBS News

"I am so grateful. I would never have been able to get this working without you. Thank you so much!"
- Janet Boynton, Smith Hill Productions

"Thank you so much for your patience and expertise! It is an awesome plug-in. I really appreciate everything you did to help me. I am totally satisfied. I am now a Boris FX fan!"
- Timothy Carman

"Great and fast customer service!"
- Gloria Pichhazde

"Thank you so much for your fast and accurate reply!"
- Daniel Bohlman, GOvideo Hawaii

"Thanks very much you guys - very nice of you to help us solve this little problem."
- Ri Crawford, ZAP Zoetrope Aubry Productions

"You have created another satisfied customer! Thank you very much!"
- Friedrich Koehler, RAFT-Consulting

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked; you're the best!"
- Pamela Killing

"I'm very grateful. Many, many thanks for all your help."
- William Halsey, B.H Designs

"You and your company get my top marks for after-sales support."
- Tony Nichols

"Thanks so much for taking care of my issue. I’ve been up against a wall on a project and your response and actions helped me meet that looming deadline."
- Jim Carswell, Spyhop Productions

"You are a genius. Thanks a million."
- Lewis Manne, Zap Productions

"I want to thank you both again for all your assistance from the very beginning. Your customer service is outstanding and I truly appreciate the time you've taken to assist me with my problems."
- Gabriel Naranjo

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for your patience and professionalism is assisting me! I really do appreciate it."
- James Chesser, JDCP

"Thanks to you and everyone else for your time and assistance."
- Lindsay Rutschke, CBC Calgary Television

"Thank you for your patience and help!"
- Ayda Walsh, Ultimate Success Productions

"You are the best! Thanks again!"
- Greg Ferrara, QSR Systems

"I appreciate your help and the great response time."
- Dave Edgar, Lost Tribe Media

"I am on solid footing at this point. Thank you very much."
- Fred Elbel, EcoFuture

"You hit the nail on the head! Thanks a million!"
- Dan Poh, USAV Group

"Thank you for your prompt and accurate diagnosis!"
- John Costello

"You guys rock!"
- Vicki Long, Alameda County District Attorney

"You are a true asset to Boris Customer Service and the overall organization as a whole."
- Paul Dajic

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