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"I have been afforded the luxury of using the BCC sparks for the better part of a year. My position, simply put: Boris is powerful, flexible and has a lot of options."
- Carl McKay, Fire Editor at Fox Digital, Los Angeles

Video Effects Plug-in for Autodesk Sparks

Boris Continuum Complete Sparks bring a total of 145 special effects plug-ins to Autodesk System users that want to get the most out of their Linux-based compositing and finishing system. With over 10 years of research and development at their core, these Sparks are well thought out and render good clean results. Effects include volumetric lighting, lens flares, glint, depth blurring, 3D geometric shapes, film effects, bump mapping, glows, fast and easy keying, optical flow based time warping, natural effects such as snow, fire, caustics, and clouds, and fully automated organic wipe transitions. New Version 5 filter highlights include Optical Flow-based Motion Key for foreground object removal and Optical Stabilizer for smooth image stabilization.

More about Continuum Complete Sparks

The included effects are categorized into 9 different groups making them easy to find and load. Each of the effects that are included in the BCC V5 Sparks package include several key technologies that help them stand apart from the competition. For instance, every Spark includes a built-in pixel matte and region mask generation system that can be driven by the built-in motion tracker. Each Spark also includes a built-in preset load and save mechanism that can be used to access the thousands of factory built preset effect set-ups that are installed with the Sparks - each of which is completely user customizable. In addition, the effect set-ups can be shared with matching BCC effects on any host system into which the BCC product has been installed, ie, if you created a previz effect on an Avid, Adobe or Apple system and wanted to recreate the effect on an Autodesk finishing system, you simply load the set-up from the previz system into the same effect on the finishing system and you are done. Every Spark in the package also includes a built-in electronic help system.

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