Boris Graffiti
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Boris Graffiti is used by thousands of creative professionals; it is the "go to" tool for cross-platform title animation.

Integrated 2D and 3D Title Animation

From innovative lower thirds to silky-smooth credit rolls and trendy type-on animations, Boris Graffiti remains the gold standard for title animation across platforms and video editing software applications. Achieve one-of-a-kind effects with built-in text paths, jitter, or randomization. Expand in 3D with powerful and realistic 3D extrusions complete with reflections, bump maps, and lights or wrap your text around a 3D sphere. Create your own unique looks or draw from a vast library of presets and styles.

Graffiti Key Features

  • RTF and ASCII Text Import
  • EPS Import and Extrusion
  • Advanced Type-on and Jitter Effects
  • Text on a Path
  • Automated Rolls, Crawls, Fades, and Zooms
  • Over 75 Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters
  • 2D and 3D chart generator with import feature
  • 3D User-modifiable Spline Primitive Shapes
  • 3D Text with Textures, Reflection Mapping, Materials, and Lights
  • Gradient Generator
  • Vector Paint System
  • Effects Library Browser with Hundreds of Preset Animations