Webinar Replay: Broadcast Graphics with John Dickinson

On Wednesday, October 3rd, cutting-edge motion graphics artist John Dickinson presented a live webinar regarding creating broadcast graphics with Boris Continuum Complete. During the webinar, John deconstructed his new HULK animation which was created exclusively using Boris Continuum Complete filters, including Lens Flare 3D, Organic Strands, Stage Light, Particle Emitter 3D, Extruded Text, Film Glow, and Beat Reactor. John was also kind enough to share the Adobe After Effects CS6 project file for his HULK animation.

Download the HULK Project File

Here are a few comments from webinar attendees:

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend this webinar. The presenter was excellent.”

“This was the best webinar I have ever attended. The presenter truly walked us through his process and did not give us an hour long infomercial. The presentation was very inspiring.”

“This webinar was one of the best I have ever seen anywhere. The project was amazing and John’s explanations of the ‘why’ of design really enhanced the ‘how’ of the technique.”

“Thank you. This was the best webinar yet!”

“I loved the way John turned effects on and off so we could understand what he was doing. Great demo!”

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