Meet the Boris FX Team

Sales, Support, and Service

David D'Arville - Director of Sales

David DeArville

Graduated from - Keene State, Film Production

At Boris since - July 2011

Currently on David's watch list - Frontline, Pawn Stars

Movie he could watch 100 times - Any of the Lord of Rings

Favorite Boris Effect/Why - Film Glow, "It is great with transitions and adding style to various shots."

Did you know? David just completed a documentary, "Captives", based on entrepreneur Marian Noronha who - after reading an article about it - proceeded to buy people out of slavery in Nepal.

Matt Caravella - Senior Sales Engineer

Matt Caravella

Graduated from - Fitchburg State College

At Boris since - 2000

Currently on Matt's watch list - Starz Original Series: Spartacus, ABC's Modern Family, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Movie he could watch 100 times - Young Frankenstein

Favorite Boris Effect/Why - Beat Reactor, "The easiest way to generate keyframes based on audio. Really handy for creating unique animations, fast."

Did you know? Matt was involved in many local bands as a teen. After high school, he decided to attend Film School: why not, seemed easy enough. Once he saw his first Macintosh computer running Avid, and discovered digital art applications such as Cosa After Effects, he became obsessed with learning all he could about broadcast design.

Support and Service

James Macon - Technical Support Manager

James Macon

Graduated from - Emerson College, Film Production

At Boris since - January 2013

Currently on James's watch list - Game of Thrones, Good Eats, The West Wing, and Man of Steel

Movie he could watch 100 times in a row - The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Boris Effect/Why - Optical Stabilizer, "It's a fantastic way to steady those shots that are near to perfect, aside from that subtle earthquake that struck during the take."

Did you know? Jeff Goldblum has a lounge band called Jeff Goldblum and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, James's day is brightened whenever he remembers that we live in a universe where this is true.


Jon Kozenko - Technical Support Engineer

Jon Kozenko

Graduated from - Fitchburg State, Video Production

At Boris since - May 2005

Currently on Jon's watch list - Dr Who, Dr Katz, and Red Dwarf

Movie he could watch 100 times in a row - Red Cliff (chi bi)

Favorite Boris Effect/Why - Rays Streaky, "It seems to create the most natural nuance when stylizing an image."

Did you know? John loves water parks and owns several season passes.

Candice Holbrook - Customer Support Executive

Candice Holbrook

Graduated from - Bridgewater State University, Communications Media Studies

At Boris since - December 2013

Currently on Candice's watch list - Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Homeland

Movie she could watch 100 times in a row - Forrest Gump

Did you know? Candice is a professional beach bum.

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