Avid FX
Avid FX 6 is included with Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony

Transitions, Professional Text, and Advanced Composites

Avid FX is a full-featured, professional-level compositing, animation, and text generation tool that can be accessed directly on your Avid timeline. Apply Avid FX, just as you would apply any plug-in or filter, and tap into a rich motion graphics feature-set. There is no need to export shots from your timeline or import rendered files from a 3rd-party application: Avid FX works within your timeline and enables you to create rich content that will make your productions shine. Unlimited layering, custom transitions, text generation, and animation with advanced keyframing are all available inside your Avid editing system.

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Avid FX Key Features

  • Powerful Titling with Advanced Text Style and Animation Options
  • Custom Transition Editor with over 1,000 Preset Transitions
  • Vector Paint and Spline-based Rotoscoping
  • Unlimited Layering and Advanced Compositing Features
  • Import and Manipulate Subtitles
  • Includes all Boris FX and Graffiti Features
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