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What was new in Continuum Complete version 4

Version 4 offered major improvements to the award-winning BCC version 3 by building on core technologies such as Optical Flow, OpenGL and motion tracking.

Motion Key

final cut pro plugins

The Motion Key filter is based on proprietary optical flow technology first introduced in BCC's Optical Flow and Motion Blur filters. The Motion Key isolates and removes moving foreground objects from a clip without the need for complex masking or cloning.

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Corner Pin Tracker

FCP Filters

The Corner Pin Tracker lets Final Cut Pro users map media to a moving object using perspective distortion to a clip. A four point motion tracker automatically pins a clip onto a specific region of another clip.

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3D Extruded Image Shatter

image shatter effect

The OpenGL-based 3D Extruded Image Shatter filter shatters a clip into three-dimensional particles with adjustable extrusions. The filter provides a variety of explosion, velocity and gravity and auto-animates by default, although you manually animate it for precise control.

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Halftone Filter


The Halftone filter simulates the look of traditional offset printed material by converting the image to simulated halftone dots.

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Median Filter


The Median filter creates painterly brush style effect by making each pixel look like the majority of its neighboring pixels.

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Optical Stabilizer

stabilize video

The Optical Stabilizer uses optical flow technology to analyze a shaky clip then adjusts the track's position to compensate. Unlike many stabilizing tools, the BCC Optical Stabilizer does not require you to set user-defined tracking points. This allows Final Cut Pro users to stabilize images where tracking data is unreliable.You can also stabilize just a portion of a track to correct isolated camera bumps.

Unlike many stabilize effects which only take horizontal and vertical movement into consideration, the BCC Optical Stabilizer takes motion, rotation and scaling into account when stabilizing.

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Color Match Filter

video color effects

The Color Match filter quickly matches the color and luma values from the highlight, midtone and shadow areas of two separate clips.

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